Two a Days

It’s been a busy week workout wise even though I took two days off. Sunday, Tuesday and today were all two a days.

This morning I made it through 6 miles-no stopping, no chills, nothing. It wasnt the fastest run but I’ll take it. Afterwards I went into the ocean and cooled off. It was a beautiful sunrise and a great way to start the day.

Tonight was a full on clean and jerk WOD. Sets of 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 to reach our max clean and jerk. I made it to 100 lbs. We then took 70% of our max and used that weight for the WOD.

Every minute on the minute we did 3 clean and jerks. 42 clean and jerks in total tonight!


This picture is of my congenitally separated right clavicle. It sticks out and the bar tends to land on it. This is due to the fabulous genes passed onto me by my loving father. We both have two bones instead of one for a clavicle and both are on the right side. It is really rare for this to be passed from father to daughter, guess this makes us really special!

Anyways, ocean swim tomorrow before work with my triathlon newbies. Saturday is the 31 Heroes WOD and another swim Sunday morning.

Enough with the workouts, tonight’s paleo meal was breakfast inspired and very easy to make but was very tasty!


Sweet potato rounds with eggs and bacon stacked one atop of another. Paleo version of eggs Benedict maybe?!

Try eating like a caveman, you might surprise yourself by how much you like it!



  1. Thanks for following my blog!

    Freaky looking collarbone 😉 I crashed about 6 years ago on Phillips Hwy and shattered mine. I suspect it’d look like yours except I now own a titanium plate and 9 screws.

    Good luck on your training for Ameliaman

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