Workout Wednesday and Paleo Recipe Tastings

I know today is Wednesday but I want to back up to yesterday’s workout, more specifically last night’s workout. I went to the box for a ladder WOD. Basically, after each round you complete, you add two reps  to your push presses, box jumps, and pushups until you reach the established time.

Ladder WOD:

2 push press 55 lb
2 pushups
2 box jumps 20″
25 Double unders per round (jump rope doubles)

I made it through 4 rounds + another incomplete set of 10 push presses, 10 pushups, 10 box jumps, and 10 DUs. So almost 5 full rounds in 13 minutes.

This morning’s Hero WOD was in honor of Pat Tillman, the NFL player turned Army Ranger who killed in Afghanistan. It was a hard WOD, especially at 6 am following a WOD the night before but I felt good all day and even wanted to run after work until we got a major thunderstorm.

Tillman WOD:

7 Rounds for Time

7 Deadlifts – 125 lbs
1 Full Gasser (212 yards)
15 Pull Ups (I did 10 pull ups as my pull ups suck and I need to work on them, plus its be forever)
*Rest 45 seconds between rounds

Total Time: 22 minutes, 44 seconds


Total of 49 dead lifts all at 125 lbs

Overall, its a solid way to start the week!

In other news, I have two friends who came to me wanting to do their first sprint triathlon! I was so excited to hear that! We are all going to be doing the Hammerhead Sprint Triathlon September 16 at Camp Blanding, just west of Jacksonville. We’ve got a training plan put together so we’re on our way! More to come on that later.

We’re in the middle of our 30 day Paleo Challenge and I have been very happy with how I’ve done so far. I had one cheat meal Saturday when we were in Pennsylvania after my grandparents memorial service but otherwise I’ve been eating clean. I have also experimented with some recipes.

The blueberry, banana cake bread went well. Its made with coconut flour and when you put honey on top its even better! I found the recipe here.


The second recipe wasn’t as successful. It involved more time than I was ready for. The recipe was for Sweet Potato, Kale Chicken Patties. I had to make everything last night, let sit in the fridge over night and then form the patties and cook tonight. By the time I was done, I found the sweet potato cubes were not fully cooked, the kale was not wilted enough, and overall, I was just grossed out. I ended up doing an emergency run to Sierra Grill. Here is a typical paleo food order-


I have some triathlon training workouts for the rest of the week which I will post about later. Time to watch some more of the Olympics!

Don’t forget to set your DVRs, the women’s triathlon is on at 4:30 am Saturday. I can’t wait to see it! Happy Hump Day!


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