Workout Wednesday!

I have set a new goal for myself…woohoo we love goals! My goal is to blog 3-4 times a week. These blog posts don’t necessarily have to be long, inspirational soul searching blogs but just posts that may interest readers and hopefully will get people talking and sharing.

Workout Wednesday is where I’ll post what I’m doing on Wednesday for a workout. This means I have to do a workout in order to post so here’s where accountability comes into play (see how that works).

As of yesterday, I am member of a CrossFit box in Jacksonville, CrossFit Total Control of Jax Beach. Apparently I have perfect timing as today marks the start of our 30 day Paleo challenge. The picture describes it all.

Not only does the Paleo challenge start today but also a WOD (Workout of the Day) to use as a benchmark for our progress which will be repeated August 15. Yesterday I weighed myself at the gym, ugh and got my body fat tested, double ugh. I am somewhat disappointed in myself with the results but know I’m in the gym now to better myself and show better numbers.

Most women are afraid to share “their numbers” but it is hard to understand and relate to someone’s progress if honesty is not a component….so here it goes:

Weight: 152 lbs (5’6″)

Body Fat: 23%

According to resources I found online, I am in the fitness or average level (20-27%). states that elite triathlete women have a body fat percentage between 10 and 15%. Clearly I’m not an elite athlete but nor am I totally discouraged by my current numbers. Always room for improvement! I am excited for the 30 day challenge!

Today’s WOD (to be repeated with same weights August 15)

500m Row
15 Squat Cleans-65 lbs
15 Box Jumps
20 Kettle Bells-25 lbs
15 Ground to Over Head-65 lbs
15 Box Jumps
20 Kettle Bells-65 lbs
400m Run

Total time: 16:58

This was a tough workout! I’m drained from three straight days of CrossFit but also proud of getting through it. I’ve already made new friends and know that it will be a great experience all around.

Post WOD


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