115 days until….

Week one of training for my half-iron distance race commenced on Monday! As I posted last week, I took a “break” from all things triathlon including the paleo diet which means I put on some weight but that’s okay! I enjoyed the break by eating all sorts of things, spending more time on household things and mentally taking a break from the tri grind but I didn’t stop reading triathlon blogs so don’t worry!

Oh, guess I should tell you which race I am going to do…I know you’re at the edge of your seat right now. I’ve decided to stick close to home and do the Atlantic Coast Half-Iron distance triathlon. This race is put on by DRC Sports, a local race event group here in Jacksonville. The race is in Fernandina Beach and is an ocean swim, flat ride, and hot run through Fort Clinch. The race is on October 18 and is 115 days away!!

A fellow blogger and Schnoodle lover, Corey, (check out her blog Schnoodles of Fun!) started training on Monday as well for Beach 2 Battleship in Wilmington, NC which is also on October 18! I looked into this race but the drive was just too much and I’m trying to save money alas the local race rather than Rev3 FL or MiamiMan. I know we’ll be comparing notes and laments along the way.

What have I been doing this week for training you ask, or maybe you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyways!


2 min. warm up

5×5:00 race pace intervals

5:1:30 recovery pace intervals

Total: 35:00


10 min. warm up

5×3:00 fast pace

5×1:00 recovery

Total: 40:00

Wednesday-Swim, Hill sprints

Swim: 100 yd warm up, 150 yd buoy swim, 200 yd kick board w/ flippers, 500 yd aerobic endurance, 50 yd sprint, 100 yd cool down

Total: 30:00

So where did I find a hill in Florida?! A golf course of course…I work by TPC Sawgrass and there is a nice, long hill on the Valley Course which is the perfect place for such a workout. The views certainly don’t hurt.

Bottom of the hill

Run: .4 mile-4 min. warm up (on my way to the hill)

Side of 7 mile drive

6x sprints up hill (hill was .13 miles long, elevation gain was about 30 ft.) avg. pace was around 7 min. miles

Other side of the hill

6x walking down hill

Run .4 miles back to car

Total: 26:00

Tomorrow will hopefully be morning spin class followed by swim workout at the Y.

Finally, I’ve decided to get more active on Twitter again and have changed my name to @TriIcedCoffee so follow me there and also on Pinterest and Instagram (TriIcedCoffee).

Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut Iced Coffee-homemade

I’m excited for this next round of training and am determined to stay healthy so I can compete in this race unlike Ironman FL 70.3! Thanks for reading!



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  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I like the countdown…115 days makes it seem closer than saying “almost 4 months”! It seems like there are a TON of 70.3 distance races in your area…we only have 1 in my area and the others are all 2+ hours away. Wilmington will be about a 4 hour drive for us.

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