Back in the Saddle…kinda

I’ve started training again but am doing so gradually to make sure I don’t overdo anything and to make certain that I won’t get sick again. I have swam, ran and climbed the elliptical. Depending on how the weather is this evening, I’ll be out running or biking followed by a 1 hour massage….very excited about that!

In my last blog post I spoke about the Motivation Man and attempting the half iron distance race on June 2. In listening to my body (not my head), I have decided to race in the olympic distance instead. We are 15 short days away from that race so I feel it does not show the distance the respect it deserves should I toe the line with other 70.3 racers nor does it do anything but put me further behind in getting healthy.

It pangs me to see all of my friends posting on Facebook about FL 70.3’s expo, travel, etc but I know I made the right decision. Plus now Lance Armstrong doesn’t have to worry about coming in 2nd 😉

As for another 70.3 race, I have a few in mind but need to tie up some loose ends before committing to one. I will do one either in August or the fall season. Its just too dang hot here in Florida for anything longer than a sprint in the summer! This also allows me to tighten up my training plan and really get down to business.

Other things going on this weekend instead of Haines City activities: grocery shopping, recipe experiments, training, Memphis bathing, relaxing, cleaning, and supporting the Super Adoptions event where many dog and cat adoption centers are coming together for one massive weekend adoption fest. Of course, Black Flash will be in tow (make sure dog’s water dishes are safely secured)

Happy weekend everyone!


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