Failure to Launch

Starting this journey to FL Ironman 70.3 in February, I didn’t expect to write this blog post but this comes with the territory of training, pushing yourself and dealing with everyday life stresses. I have decided not to compete this Sunday in Haines City. I had a head and chest cold for a week and a half which severely limited my last week of heavy training and race tapering. It was not until I fell very ill though to food poisoning early Sunday morning did I know that this race was just not meant to be.

I missed Sunday at THE PLAYERS as I was in bed with a fever, muscle cramps and nausea. At this point, my muscles and body in general are just not ready to handle a 6+ hour day of heat and exhaustion.

While I am certainly disappointed to not be racing this weekend I have my sights set on another half iron distance race in Palm Beach on June 2. This decision was not as bad as one would think as my health and safety is number 1 and let’s be honest, there are no Olympic qualifying spots riding on this or major money checks to pick up!

I wish all my friends the best of luck this weekend. I will certainly be following along while trying to rebuild my strength, endurance and confidence. Triathlon is not going away any time soon so I am comfortable in my decision and I will now will focus on the MotivationMan on June 2. Pretty fitting race title huh?!

Everything happens for a reason



  1. You made the right choice, you have to look out for yourself. I wouldn’t worry about the confidence, once you recover and you are up to it, you’ll know when it is time to get back out there. Two weeks is just around the corner, it might take a little longer to bounce back from all of this. Focus on getting well for now.

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