A to Z

This past weekend I was adopted by Team Vortex of the Lake Nona YMCA in Orlando, FL as we headed to Haines City to train on the race bike route for Ironman Florida 70.3. We started the ride at 7:46 am from Lake Eva where all the race activity will be held on May 20.  

Ride time!

Lucky for us, our fearless leader Scot knew where we were going for the next several hours as this route has a ton of turns and is in mostly in rural country areas. We averaged 16.8 mph with a couple of stops at stoplights included. The ride is very hilly especially miles 25-35 (check out the elevation map) but does have some nice flat, fast areas as well.


I’m definitely not used to riding in what is called a pace line. Basically you maintain a long line of bikers and people alternate at the front to “pull” the group. I had some trouble staying on the back tire of the people in front me as I do all my riding on my own but it was really good to get used to this training as well. 

Florida Ironman 70.3 bike route

We finished the ride at 11:27 am and loaded up the cars and bikes to head for a feast at Perkins! We all had clean plates after that meal! It was a great training day and I look forward training with the team again soon as we meet at Lucky’s Lake in Orlando to do some open water swimming in two weeks.

Switching gears, I follow several triathlete and runner blogs and saw this one recently about one blogger so I thought I would give it a shot! 

A is for age: 26

B is for breakfast today: bacon, fruit, and 1 hard boiled egg plus coffee

C is for currently craving: Indian food

D is for dinner tonight: something resembling a crab cake I made last night with avocados and tomatoes 

E is for favorite type of exercise: brick workouts of course!

F is for an irrational fear: Definitely spiders and steep slopes (maybe this isn’t irrational if you know my past history with skiing)

G is for gross food: Celery

H is for hometown: Vero Beach, FL-former home of the Los Angeles Dodgers

I is for something important: family and friends

J is for current favorite jam: smooth grape, blueberry or blackberry jam

K is for kids: canine kid-Memphis!


Memphis at his first baseball game over the weekend

L is for current location: Ponte Vedra Beach

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Food of course! 

N is for something you need: a hitch on my car so I can buy a bike rack

O is for occupation: tournament operations at the PGA TOUR

P is for pet peeve: slow drivers in the left lane

Q is for a quote: If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane-Jimmy Buffett

R is for random fact about you: I have a congenitally separated right clavicle…thanks dad!

S is for favorite healthy snack: Honey Stinger Waffles or walnuts and pecans

T is for favorite treat: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

U is for something that makes you unique: I have a black belt in karate and jui-jitsu

V is for favorite vegetable: peppers & onions, sweet potatoes

W is for today’s workout: 20 mile ride and 1500 yd swim

X is for X-rays you’ve had: hmmm….femur, clavicle, scapula

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: taking Memphis to the beach with his girlfriend Greta and watching them run around the beach like crazy dogs especially with Memphis carrying a large shell in his mouth

Z is for your time zone: East Coast


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