Ocala, FL

Race 1 of the 2012 season is in the books! The day started with a 3 am wake up call where Memphis was too tired to get out of bed until I was fully ready to leave the bedroom. I hit the road for Ocala and drove in the darkness for 2.5 hours until I reached Carney Island Park. The sun hadn’t come up yet but the race organizers had large parking lot lights going in the transitions area.

I picked up my packet, grabbed my gear and bike and headed for my personalized transitions spot. My friend and TNT teammate Kristi was just a couple of spots down from me while Jessica was on the other side of transition since she was doing the olympic race. It was great to see familiar faces especially that early in the morning!

Since the water in Lake Weir is still a bit on the chilly side, I sprayed myself down with wet suit glide and struggled slid into my full wet suit. Donning a wet suit and waddling to the lake knowing you have to swim 750 meters or more as the sun slowly climbs is always so pleasant!

The gun went off and the 34 women took off. About 100 meters in or so I stopped and had a mini panic attack because it felt like I could not move my right arm in the wet suit. I thought about taking off the wet suit and giving it to someone in the rescue kayak but also thought about quitting retreating. Fortunately, that thought was very fleeting and I continued on with my swim, exiting 13th out of the water. T1 was quick and I was on my bike headed for the only hills in Florida.

The bike leg was very nice and had several hills where I got out of the saddle. Towards the end there was a large downhill where I reached 29 mph and I loved it! I entered back into T2 and quickly headed for the run. The run was shady but all on sand. I tried to stay to the side where there was grass and firmer ground. I had a great run and felt really good. I passed women who had passed me on the bike but was even better was the fact that no one passed me. I finished with a total time of 1 hour 34 minutes. I’m happy with this time and now know what to work on.

St. Anthonys olympic distance triathlon is next on deck at the end of April. I am already getting excited for this race as many people in the tri community consider it the “official” start to the triathlon season.

This week is a build week with an 8 mile run and a brick this weekend. I will head out to Live Oak, FL to cheer on my friends as they tackle the Warrior Dash which includes mud, fire, and of course ridiculous Nordic helmets!

We are officially under the 2 month mark until Ironman Florida 70.3. I have a lot of training hours to get in between now and then but I’m excited to meet this challenge head on and hopefully with Memphis by my side during some beach runs 🙂



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