What do you think about…

When you’re on a 40 mile bike ride?

That was the question posed to me last night by my mom after I completed 40 miles from work down to Villano Beach and back. Its a very valid question but one that may scare the non-triathlete when answered because here is a very brief snapshot of my thoughts during the 2 hours and 20 minutes on the bike.

“The weather is nice tonight, hope I can make it before sundown”

“Oh, squirrel!”

“Thats a nice house, I wonder how much its on the market for”

“Better check my pace, oh ok good, I’m still moving”

“Attack the hill!”

“What should I eat for dinner? Thai, sandwich, Sierra Grill? Pick something up from Publix?”

“Ouch this bike seat is so uncomfortable, don’t know how guys do it”

“Pot hole!”

“Mmm something smells good”

“Hand is falling asleep, shake it out”

“Better take some water and check my pace again”

“Wonder what my friends are doing right now”

“Need to do another snot rocket. Wonder if I could actually go the bathroom on the bike like other people say they do”

“Check pace again”

“This ride is only 16 miles short of what I’ll do in May at the race. Of course there are two other activities to go along with it”

These thoughts probably all occur within 3 minutes which is about 1 mile so my best answer to my mom’s question is “I think about everything, I kinda get ADD.”

So to answer the “what am I having for dinner question” I opted for a very non-paleo but very delicious drunk man noodle dish and thai spring rolls. My computer said I burned 1750 calories for the ride so I figured I could get away with this.

Good news about last night’s ride is when I did this same route in July, I had an average pace of 16.1 mph and last night I had an average pace of 16.7 mph and thats with having to go through Sawgrass and break a couple of times for traffic.

On deck for training is my “recovery week” which will include lighter intensity workouts with a long run of 7 miles on the weekend and a shorter “brick”. Next week is a build week which culminates in the first triathlon of the season in Ocala!

“Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”


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