An ending and a beginning

My 2012 triathlon season officially began last week and while it was not quite what I hoped it would be training wise, I did listen to my body and not jump right into long rides and bricks. As you probably know, both of my grandparents passed away in late January, 24 hours apart from one another actually. Obviously, this has been a lot to deal with which is why I am cutting myself some slack when it comes to training versus resting. Both of my grandparents supported whatever I did and I was even able to tell my grandmother several days before she passed about my half-Ironman race I signed up for. She was very proud and even asked if she could go. The race is two days before what would have been her 88th birthday. With the significance of this date and the large role they played in my life, I am dedicating this triathlon season to them. They loved coming to my high school games whether it was volleyball, basketball or lacrosse. I know they are always there with me in spirit especially when things get tough and you have to dig within to keep going.

My knee is healing slowly but I am confident I will be able to run a decent race in May but truly the goal is to finish as this event is more about endurance than speed. I mean lets face it, I’m not stalking the podium (okay maybe in my head, but not in reality!)

It was announced last week that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is partnering with Ironman to raise money for cancer. Not only is this great news but Lance himself will be racing several 70.3 races and a handful of full Ironmans in the hopes of reaching Kona. One of his races is Florida Ironman 70.3!! There are not too many sports where amateurs and pros race alongside one another so it will be great to see the press and spectators come in May. Side note: Lance finished 2nd yesterday in the pro division at IronmanPanama 70.3….not too shabby!

Finally, on a more serious note, remember to appreciate your family, friends and coworkers. Mine have truly been there for me during these past couple of weeks; I plan to pay it forward. Happy Monday!

Food for thought



  1. I agree with Bonnie, very nice entry. That is great news about Lance Armstrong. His book “Its Not About The Bike, My Journey Back To Life” was a very inspirational book that I could not put down once I got into it. And I am happy to still keep up with you. Good luck this spring.

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