Am I ready? Rock n Roll Half Marathon Savannah Pre-Race

That’s a good question. I sure hope so! I know that my training regiment has not been what I would have wanted it to be but unfortunately a week long sickness, hip issues and being busy at work have made it a tad bit harder to get the mileage in. I did an 8 mile run two weeks ago and did not stop to walk so I plan to build on that run and use it as fuel to get me through.

For the Rock n Roll Half in Savannah, I’m looking to enjoy the experience, seeing Savannah from a differenct perspective and getting through the race without too much walking or slow jogging. The biggest hurdle however is my stomach as running tends to give me trouble so I’m really watching what I’m eating these next couple of days.

The weather is showing a low of 45 degrees and a high 65 degrees with party cloudy skies developing later in the day. Perfect running weather! I will bring some old clothes to keep warm and then dump them before I reach the start line as the race will then donate them to charity. I love this touch that some races do.

Anyways, the race is Saturday morning so there will be plenty of time for celebrations throughout the weekend back at the house in Hilton Head (another favorite spot!) Results will be posted by 7 pm here

Let’s go run!


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