Next Steps

The past couple of weeks have been tough training wise as I got a bad virus that just would not go away and resulted in an ear infection. I therefore did not do AmeliaMan this past Sunday but I still went to the race to cheer on two of my friends and everyone else racing. It was a perfect day weather wise. It was chilly on the beach prior to the swim but people came out of the water excited about the conditions and how much fun it was. The temperature never got over 82 degrees which I’m sure the runners appreciated as they made their way around Fernandina Beach. It was my first time as a spectator at a triathlon and a good learning experience as I watched everyone roll in and out of transition.

Since I completed The Nation’s Triathlon in September, I thought I would train and prepare for the Savannah half marathon on November 5 and take it easy during the winter. Well….that didn’t last too long as I’ve gotten the itch to work towards another goal and give myself the motivation to workout, stay in shape, and eat healthy. I’ve found that I’m my happiest when I’m sweating profusely, sore, tired and winded…weird huh?!

Therefore, I committed myself yesterday to do the full marathon distance on February 12, 2012 here in Jacksonville at the 26.2 Run with Donna. This is a national marathon for breast cancer with the proceeds going to the Donna Foundation and the Mayo Clinic, one of the top research hospitals.

Breast cancer has affected way too many people I know and so just like with The Nation’s Triathlon, I am racing in honor and in memory of those who have battled breast cancer. I’m excited that I will be part of the PGA TOUR’s team as well. We are forming our group now and will formally register together in the next month.

The weekend following the Rock n Roll Half in Savannah, I will be doing the Bike 26.2 with Donna event. This will be my first bike event but I’m looking forward to the day.

Its funny how your idea of what an attainable goal is once you start training for various events. Anyone who knew me as a teenager knows that I loved sports and was always doing something active but I absolutely despised running. Even though I would get up early and run with our football coaches before class in high school, I hated almost every minute of it. As I moved into college life and beyond, running has grown on me tremendously but even after I completed my first half marathon in 2009, I said I would never do a full marathon. I guess things change!

This goal will be hard and difficult but I know it will also be a great experience especially since it is one that I will be able to enjoy with my family, friends and coworkers in my new hometown of Jacksonville. So get your pink clothes on and join me on February 12 to help fight breast cancer!


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