Crossing the finish line

What an amazing weekend with a great team from Central and Northern Florida! I want to hit the highlights real quick but will post a more in-depth blog about the whole weekend later today.

I crossed the finish line with a time of 2:13:12. I finished 77/332 in my age group and 321/1456 for all females. My age group finish was in the top 23% which means I reached my race goal of qualifying for Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vermont in August 2012! My roommate Jessica also qualified and we couldn’t have been more excited!

Here is the race breakdown

T1 Bike T2 Run
1:31 1:18:57 (18.9 mph pace) 2:32 50:13 (8:03 pace)

Age Group Gender Overall
77/332 top23.2% 321/1456 top 22% 1902/3878 top 49%

I knew that I had done as well as I could have during the race especially considering some calf cramping on the bike which I need to figure out. During the race I was able to see my parents several times and my friend Erryn who rocked an Elon shirt and got some great photos. My coaches, Beth and Ryan were perfectly positioned just before the last mile which gave me the boost I needed. I ran a 7:50 mile then!

Like I mentioned, I will write more but wanted to get some of the race numbers on here. Thank you for all the support all these months.

Burlington, here we come!








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