Bon Voyage!

Race weekend is finally upon us and it hasn’t come without surprises. Earlier today the race director cancelled the swim portion of the race due to D.C.’s heavy rain and possible flooding. So now we are just biking and riding. I am certainly bummed that we are not able to complete the full race but safety for everyone involved is top priority.

Tonight, the news reported a credible threat to New York City and DC. I’m trying to keep everything in perspective and know that this isn’t a total surprise with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday. We must go on with our lives and plans and not let others interfere but remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings.

Onto race specifics, my bags are mostly packed and Memphis is ready for his stay at Pet Paradise which boasts a bone shaped pool. My bike is currently on it’s way to DC so now all that is left is heading to the airport in the morning and visualizing this new race.

I will post throughout the weekend with pictures and updates. Results can be found here:

I guess I really am doing this race “my way” come hell or high water (literally). Good night all.


Race gear preparations


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  1. Joe and I are praying for you and our whole country this weekend. Your words are full of wisdom and you are so right that we must go on living and keep doing what we love to do. Joe and I are there in your heart. Your spunk and physical readiness will carry you through not only in this race but in life itself. Joe’s last blood test this week showed that all his counts are in the normal range. His weight is steady and he looks good. Let it be known that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is one of the reasons that Joe is in remission today. Their on line support sites were invaluable to me as a caregiver. Thank you to all the donors who are making a difference in supporting this cause and my incredible niece, Jaclyn Garris. I will look forward to the updates and photos.

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