Sprint to the end

Made it through another race and without a flat tire! Yesterday I competed in the Jax Sprint Series, race #3 in Fernandina Beach. I had an early, 4:30 am wake up call but was ready to go once the alarm went off. A co-worker picked me up and we headed north.

Pick-up went quickly and my transition area had plenty of room to maneuver in. We checked out the ocean and caught up with friends. I was anxious for the race to get going especially before the sun reached it’s full potential.

I was in the 4th wave and had the opportunity to watch the physically challenged athletes be carried to the water to start their swim. It was completely awesome to see them start and finish the race. They are the true athletes.

The swim went well, much better than my last race. It was crowded but I got in a good rhythm. My watch read 7:30 when I hit the beach and 9:00 upon entering T1. I got my gear quickly and jumped on the bike.

The bike route was flat but with traffic especially one smelly trash truck. My calves were on the verge of cramping a couple of times when I would have liked to push a little harder but I knew I couldn’t cramp especially with the run still ahead.

My watch read 53:20 at 3:24/mile. It recorded the route being 15.71 miles, it was supposed to be 16 miles.

Again, another quick transition and I was onto the run. The run route was fully exposed the entire time. I had trouble starting my watch but got it going a little bit into the run. At mile 1 I dumped water on my head which help keep me cool. On the final mile, I began to get chills but was able to push through. Once I crossed the finish line, I sat down and put a ice cold sponge on my neck which instantly made me feel better. I’m very happy with my results from yesterday but I know I need to still figure out my nutrition plan for DC as the race will be twice as long. Obviously, heat is a huge factor. When we arrived at the race at 6:00 am it was already 80 degrees. By the time we finished, it was 90 with probably a heat index of over 100.

It was great doing this race with my friends and sharing in the feeling of accomplishment. I’ve got one more race coming up which will be with my Team in Training group in Orlando on August 20. I’m ready to kick it up into high gear for this last month and get as much as possible out of my training so that I’m 100% ready for Nations.

Total time: 1:30:15
Swim 9:00
Bike: 53:20 15.71 miles
Run: 25:27 2.99 miles, 8:30/ mile









  1. Congratulations on your successful race! The note about that handicapped racers bring lifted to get in the water and that they completed their race, is quite inspiring. You look FABULOUS and so HEALTHY and FIT!! Joe and I read all your entries and brag about out niece any chance we get!
    Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Joe

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