This past Sunday’s workout was dubbed an “epic” workout. My coach didn’t put on the calendar what the team was doing but since I am out of town, she had to email it to me ahead of time. I knew the team was in for it when I read that email!

But let me back up, we did a brick workout of 15 miles on the bike and a 3 mile run on Saturday. Mind you the temperature was 91 degrees when I finished and about 85% humidity. Basically, this is like doing a sprint triathlon only without the swim component and adrenline from race day highs.

I started my Sunday workout at 7:45 am with a light jog of almost a mile to “get warmed up”. Really all I had to do was walk outside and you are “warmed up”. I was dripping from the humidity after my “warm up”! This was followed by a 5 mile, small chain ring, high cadance ride in which I toured some other areas of Ponte Vedra Beach and thought about how lovely it would be to have enough money one day to own one of the many great homes in the area. After that, I ran 2 miles at a 10k pace which were 9 minute miles. Then hop on the bike again and do 10 miles at a medium/hard effort. The wind was up so going into the wind is always so much fun. Another 2 miles at a 10k pace followed that with yet another 10 miles on the bike. And if that wasn’t enough fun, we did a final mile at our 5k pace which was around 8:20. By this point, the time was just shy of 11 am and 93 degrees and about 90% humidity! I couldn’t stop sweating and I was drinking a ton of water. Luckily, my stomach didn’t cramp and overall I felt good. I did learn that for these long workouts that I need to bring more nutrition with me as I was not adequately prepared for this “epic” workout.

Upon showering and showing Memphis some love and attention, we promptly crashed on the couch until 6 pm. We received our “Weekly email of love from Coach Beth” that evening where she said to prepare for yet another “epic” workout this Saturday. I will be meeting the team for the first time and working out with them. We have been told to be prepared for 4-5 hours of training so I can only imagine what type of punishment workout we will be doing. I’ve already told my sister that her new pool is all mine Saturday!

I have several races coming up and my friends and co-workers here in Jacksonville and a far have been very supportive through all this madness. Its great to know that when you are by yourself on a hot paved road, pedaling as hard as you can into the wind with the sun beating down on you. Yet, all this training amounts to nothing compared to what the patients with blood cancer go through to beat the disease. I am able to go home, shower, eat and sleep once I am done however their fight is a continuous 24/7 cycle that hopefully finishes with remission forever. I often think of my family and friends who have or are dealing with this disease and other diseases with similar severity when I train and it makes the pedaling a little easier and my footfalls a little lighter as I know I am training with a purpose to help erradicate this horrible disease. I have been inspired by the many people who have taken on a similar challenge as I have and my hope is that I inspire just one person to get off the couch or out of bed early to exercise and be active so that they may lead a healthier and longer life.

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Team members: Katelyn, Rick, Joel, Nelson and I

P.S. Our beach volleyball team took home the championship title last Thursday evening with a 2-1 routing in front of a large gallery of tourists and locals at the Comfort Inn Suites in Jacksonville Beach under cloudy, grey skies. Bam! That Happened!


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