I almost made my goal this morning but my left IT band got very tight during the 3rd and 4th miles so it was hard to keep up the fast pace plus I think I started out too fast as my first mile was in 8:04.

I’m really glad I set that goal as I knew it was achievable if there were no issues but just outside my comfort zone of not knowing whether I would hit it or not. Overall, my average pace was 8:23/mile and I made it 4.14 miles in 35 minutes. What I did accomplish was my fastest 5k time of 24:49. When I placed 3rd in my age group during the 2010 Habitrot in Vero I ran it in 25:48 which until this morning had been my fastest 5k.

Tomorrow is a swim day but I won’t be swimming until later in the evening so it will be nice to have some rest before the weekend’s big workouts. Also, be sure to check out my training log to see everything I’ve been doing!


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