Tri Harder

My parents and I had a great trip to Washington D.C. As you may have seen on my training log, I ran both Saturday and Sunday around various D.C. monuments. There was a lot of construction so I had to consult my trusty hotel running map a couple of times but I always made it back home.

During Memorial Day weekend, my thoughts tended to stray to those who have served for our country or are currently serving. It certainly puts things into perspective especially when I’m doing my training.

I ran with the LuLuLemon Athletica group again this evening and posted my best 3 mile time in over a year but I cut the run off by about .4 miles because my feet were burning from the heat. As I write this, I wish I had finished the route everyone else did because “cutting corners” is not going to “cut it” in a race. I am happy with the fact that I stayed on pace and with the pack to finish 3 miles in 26 minutes and 17 seconds but to know that people are out on the front lines everyday in harsher conditions than what we face here for fun and exercise makes me think that I can always Tri Harder.

Good news on the fundraising front! My fundraising web site web site through Team in Training is now active! I have created a page for the link (Donate Now!) which is next to the training log page link at the top of this page’s header. I have made it my personal goal to raise $3500 this season. Anything over $3200 will be 100% donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. About 75% of all money raised until that point is donated to the society as the other 25% helps my group and I get to the race and provide us with equipment and training.

Please pass this blog link as well as my fundraising website link onto others who you feel would like to help this very worthy and important cause. I would greatly appreciate it and I know benefactors of such an organization like my Uncle Joe truly reap the benefits of their great work.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and took a second to remember what the holiday is all about, Tri(ing) harder for the greater cause.


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